5 Questions With The February 2017 #DryTortugas Photo Contest Winner

Dry Tortugas Contest February Winner

Meet Roberto Fedon, our February 2017 #DryTortugas Photo Contest winner. We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his experience at the Dry Tortugas National Park. Read on to learn how he captured his amazing photo!

1. When did you visit the Dry Tortugas National Park? Did you arrive by seaplane, the Yankee Freedom ferry or another way?

We visited the Dry Tortugas in February 2016 using the Yankee Freedom ferry. It was a winter getaway for us who live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

2. If you arrived by the Yankee Freedom, how was your ferry trip?

The trip was enjoyable. Although it’s a bit long, the boat is well equipped for the trip. On the boat ride back we laid out in the sun with the headwind, which was very relaxing.

3. How did you capture your winning photo? What inspired you to take it? Did you use any cool camera gear?

I like taking pictures from odd perspectives or using surrounding objects as frames. While walking around the fort I looked out a window and loved the view. I quickly grabbed my GoPro and took the picture. The GoPro’s fisheye lens allowed me to capture the entire window frame. The two people walking in the frame was a well received coincidence.

4. What made your trip to the Dry Tortugas memorable?

The Dry Tortugas is probably the most beautiful beach destination we have been to. We love historic buildings and we love tropical destinations, which merge beautifully here. We don’t enjoy crowds, so the fact that there are very few people makes it perfect for us.

5. What do you plan to do with your National Park Annual Pass? Which national park would you like to visit next?

We already had trips planned to go to Glacier National park in June and Yosemite in October, before winning the pass. It’ll be our first time at Yosemite, which has been high on our list for years. Now that we have the pass, we might go back to Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Olympic peninsula and others. They’re all great.