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***NOTE: The National Park is not affected by State and Local beach closures and our daily trips continue***
people wearing masks aboard the yankee freedom


Please be aware that the City of Key West is now requiring protective facial coverings (masks) in all public places, indoor and outdoor, at all times. This includes the Ferry Terminal where you will board the ferry in the morning and disembark in the afternoon. The Key West police and other City officials are authorized to cite violators. The requirements while onboard the Yankee Freedom are the same. If you are unwilling to comply with these requirements you will not be permitted to board the vessel and if you refuse to follow the requirements while onboard you can be cited upon our return to Key West. We will video acts of non-compliance to present as evidence to the authorities.

If you have a medical condition which prohibits the wearing of proper facial coverings you must present an original signed doctor’s certification of the condition to our staff when you check-in and will probably need to show it to the authorities elsewhere in town. You may be asked to remain in a specified section of the vessel for the outbound and inbound passages.

The safety and health of our passengers and crew are our highest priority. The CDC and all other major medical organizations agree that proper use of facial covering is the most important element of personal protective actions that can be taken during this pandemic. If you are not willing to participate in that protective action we ask that you plan to visit the Dry Tortugas at some point in the future when these measures are not necessary.

Mask wearing and proper social distancing is also recommended and encouraged during guided tours and whenever encountering other people throughout the fort.

Answers to Some Common Questions:

Q: Do you have spaces for xx/xx/xxxx?
A: You can check day trip and camping availability online. Go to and click on the Book Now button.

Q: Do you have a waiting list I can put my name on?
A: We do not have a waiting list. If you want to try to standby for the day trip in case of no-shows please go to the Ferry Terminal on the morning you want to go. There will be a signup sheet on a clipboard at the electric car rental desk under the Ferry Terminal.

Q: Can I cancel my reservations and get a refund?
A: If your reservation was submitted before April 7, 2020 and your reservation number is less than 203333 please go to If you submitted your reservation after that date please review the Reservation and Cancellation Policy statement in your confirmation email.

Q: How do I make a new day trip reservation?
A: If you are planning to take the day trip you can book immediately online at

Q: How do I make a camping reservation?
A: Camping reservations must be made over the phone by calling 305-294-7009. General availability can be checked by going to and clicking on the Book Now button. Camping is completely sold out through April 2021.

Q: I am trying to book a date for later in the year and the reservation engine says that it’s not available. Why?
A: We have maintenance days scheduled throughout the year and a two week period for annual maintenance the last week of October and the first week of November. Those days will not be available for reservations.


Safety Procedures

staff cleaning the yankee freedom III
Enhanced Cleaning Procedures:
Cleaning will be ongoing as close to after use as possible.
 A deep clean of the vessel will occur upon arrival at the fort where all guests will be required to disembark for this purpose.

Onboard Pedestrian Traffic Patterns:
Onboard pedestrian traffic will be predetermined with arrows on the floor/deck indicating that the port side aisle is for aft forward traffic and the aisle on the starboard side is for bow aft traffic. This will help preclude people walking in a counter direction.

All waiting areas at the snack bar, showers, and heads, will indicate a safe social distance that will be enforced by the crew.

Additional Protocol at Fort Jefferson

Guided Tours:
Proper social distancing will be required throughout the fort. Paper copies of the NPS self-guided tour will be made available for distribution.

Snorkeling Gear:

Per CDC guidelines all our snorkels, masks, fins, and vests are dipped into a solution of water and Buckeye International SaniQ, washed with fresh water, and then hung on the rail to dry. Before departure each day we spray all mouthpieces and vest with the same solution and let them sit overnight.