5 Questions With The June 2021 #DryTortugas Photo Contest Winner

June Winning Photo

Meet Christine Chiang, our June 2021 #DryTortugas Photo Contest winner. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about her experience at the Dry Tortugas National Park. Read on to learn how she captured her amazing photo!

1. When did you visit the Dry Tortugas National Park? Did you arrive by seaplane, the Yankee Freedom ferry, or another way?
I arrived 4/25/2021 on Yankee Freedom ferry and camped overnight.

2. If you arrived by the Yankee Freedom, how was your ferry trip?
The ferry was smooth and clean. The onboard food is more than I expected.

3. How did you capture your winning photo? What inspired you to take it? Did you use any cool camera gear?
I got up early in the morning and a few brown pelicans were perched at the pier dock. They were not afraid of me standing close to them. I tried to capture the stern look. I have a Nikon cool pix 1000. It has a range of 3000 mm.

4. What made your trip to the Dry Tortugas memorable?
The clear water and wild life really are amazing. I loved the peaceful surrounding.

5. What do you plan to do with your National Park Annual Pass?
I have a national park pass for this year. If I can use it for next year, that would be great. The next park planned is Arcadia national park Maine in October 2021.