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Dry Tortugas Ferry Reschedule or Refund Request Form

Please read the following information to facilitate your request for a refund or a rebooking. Please fill out the form even if you have already sent an email request for refund or rescheduling.

Full Refunds:

If you wish to receive a full refund, please note that we will not be able to process refunds until sometime after the National Park allows our operations to resume. To request your refund, please fill out the form below and select the refund option.

The priority for refunds will be determined by the following:

    1. Date original reservation made
    2. Date of travel originally reserved
    3. Date of rescheduled travel

For security purposes, we do not keep any credit card information on file. Therefore, refunds will be issued by check and mailed to the address you enter on the form below. If you split payment with another party on the same reservation please be sure to enter the name under which the reservation was originally created in the Reservation Holder field and your name in the Name for Refund field. This will ensure refunding to the proper payee. We will make separate arrangements for international customers that cannot deposit checks.

Rescheduling at half-price:

Since most of you have expressed interest in rebooking for a later date, we are offering everyone whose original reservation was for trips prior to July 1, 2020, a 50% rebate as a big “Thank You” for your commitment during these trying times. That means when you rebook you will get the same amazing Dry Tortugas experience but with a 50% rebate after you take your trip. To rebook please check the appropriate box in the form below. A few important points regarding rescheduling:

    1. If you have a date or dates in mind, please enter them in the form. We will attempt to move your reservation to the indicated dates in the order that you list them. We will send you confirmation of the new dates if we are successful or a request for additional choices if not. You can change to other available dates, different number of travelers, or different fare types (adult, child, etc.) later if you need to.
    2. The 50% rebate will be processed after the rescheduled travel has occurred and according to the refund priority determination described above.
    3. If you reschedule for a smaller number of visitors than in your original reservation, the 50% rebate will only apply to the original fares used for the new trip. The remainder can be refunded, banked for future travel, or transferred for use by someone you designate.
    4. If you reschedule for a different type of traveler (adult instead of child, for example), the rebate will only be for the original passenger type. For example, if you originally had a child in your reservation but are now going with an adult, the rebate will still be for half the child rate, and you will need to pay the fare difference for the adult prior to travel.
Please make sure to add to your email address book and whitelist, so the confirmation email does not end up in your spam.

Refund or Rebooking form: